Welcome to Booth Photography Web Service

Specializing in Dog Show Photography since 1969!

We are striving to provide our customers with the best quality and quickest service possible.  Over the last few years, we dinosaurs have noticed that the world around us is changing.  Our customers want things quicker all the time.  Our time honored way of doing business takes time.  Especially for the larger dog shows, longer clusters or when one cluster runs into another.  Of course, those larger shows and clusters provide our customers with some of their most exciting wins which they are anxious to receive.  We’ve put years of thought, research and preparation into our decision to make our business web-based.  We are hopeful that this change will bring you, our friends and loyal customers even better service from us then we have provided you in the past.  


You may preregister for the shows you are attending before the images are available by clicking on the gallery image of the Kennel Club logo and entering your email address.  When the images are uploaded, you will automatically be notified by email. 


We upload cropped, print ready images to the website.  This means that we are not just downloading our cards and uploading the images to the site "as is".  We put time and effort into sorting out the better images for you to choose from, numbering them, color & density balancing them and finally cropping them to optimize your dog in each photo.  This takes us a little time, so please be patient.  Once the images are loaded to the site digital images are available for immediate download when purchased.  Print orders are generally completed and mailed within 24 hours unless we are out of the office at shows.  In that case they are our first priority when we return.


When you order and pay for a digital image on the website the watermark will be removed and a link to download it will instantly be sent to the email address you provided.  You or your ad designer can get your photograph for your next ad whenever they need it... day or night regardless of whether or not we are in the office!


We have enjoyed the quality control we have regarding the prints that we mail out.  Kim Booth brought in house color printing to Booth Photography in 1979.  We will be continuing to do all of our own printing for the regular print orders you place on line.  Orders will be processed in the order in which they are received.  In many cases this is going to mean that your prints will be mailed much sooner than in the past when we had to spend a week or more creating invoices and collating invoices and prints. 


If you had your win photo taken without the judge and would like to add the judge to the photo, simply select the photo you want and add it to your cart in whatever form you would like to receive it.  Then, select the Add The Judge option (there is an additional $10.00 charge).  We will do the photoshop work and either mail or email the finished image depending on your selection.


The web galleries are for viewing and placing orders only.  Please do not attempt to link to the images in order to use the proofs on your website.  You must purchase the image in order to use it for any purpose including but not limited to your website or Facebook.